Shiokaze - New Album!

Out on November 4th.
Digital release will
follow in a few weeks.

Cafe Solaire Vol.20

This compilation comes
with three of Naoki´s tracks!!

Candle Lounge 2

This new release includes 
Naokis track "Shizuka"

Hello and welcome at - The offical homepage of Naoki Kenji

# 08/2014
Planet Lounge - Cascade
Release of the 3rd Planet Lounge Album.
Now available as CD and Digital !

News archive

# 09/2011
Re-release of Denshi Ongaku and Ecoustic!
Naoki Kenji´s beloved longplayers Denshi Ongaku and Ecoustic, at that time released on the legendary Elektrolux-label, were sold out and not available for long time. We are happy to tell you, that 4MPO decided to rerelase these two albums for you in a newer version with new artwork. So, don´t waste much time and save your personal copy.

Shop- and download-links follow very soon!

# 01/2011
New compilations out!
Check out the brandnew compilation with Naoki´s Tracks:

 > Tu Momento @ Mountain Deluxe Vol. 4 
 > Into the Deep Sea @ Wonnemeyer 7
 > Tu Momento @ Kunst und Technolgie Vol.6

 > Umi No Oto @ Space Night by DJ Jondal
 > Modern Unreal @ Las Salinas Vol.10 
 > Le Soleil @ Afterhour Session Vol.2

# 09/2009
New releases in 2009!
Naoki Kenji & Lorenzo al Dino compiled the brandnew Jockey Club Compilation!

# 10/2008
New compilations out!

Naoki`s tracks "Tonight", "Let It Flow" and "Modern Unreal" where signed for new compilations.´

# 03/2008
New longplayer "Less Ordinary"

Naoki Kenji`s long-awaited new album "Less Ordinary" will be release at  28.03.2008!
Stay tuned for more informations next time.

# 01/2008

New tracks for compilations 
Naoki`s tracks "Tonight" and "My Destiny" were signed for the compilations "Cafe Ibiza Vol.11" and "Cafe de la Luna". Check more on the compilations page.

# 10/2007
New album by Pat Appleton.

Pat Appleton released her new album "Waht`s Next" on Stereodeluxe. Naoki and Pat produced and written together the Track MELLOW on it!

Don`t miss to check it out!

# 03/2007
Naoki Kenji in Moscow.
Don`t miss Naoki`s DJ-Seit on 2007/03/09 in Moscow!

# 02/2007
2007 starts with new releases.
The new year 2007 starts with 3 new track-releases on different chill-compilations and a Elektrolux-DVD!
Please check the disco-section for further information.

Naoki on now!
Naoki joined the myspace-music-club a few weeks ago.
Don`t miss to visit his new site : Naoki Kenji on myspace



# 12/2006
Out now : New Klassik Lounge Werk 5
Compiled by DJ Jondal!

incl.: exclusive remix by Naoki Kenji "RAIN ON" (Sophisticated Mix)

This CD is only availble at and

Also visit DJ JONDAL at : !

And don`t miss :
Finaly after 2 years the album "Denshi Ongaku" (2002 / Elektrolux) is now available again !