Shiokaze - New Album!

Out on November 4th.
Digital release will
follow in a few weeks.

Cafe Solaire Vol.20

This compilation comes
with three of Naoki´s tracks!!

Candle Lounge 2

This new release includes 
Naokis track "Shizuka"


bizness from erra wrote
Date: 31.01.2016

i became a fan
you are an amzing composer

your music was used by a german tv program

i found that out and i listend to your music on youtube

great music

Nigel J. from France wrote
Date: 26.11.2015

Anything goes with Jazz, anytime!
Just started playing - Let it Flow

Love the production quality, sounds Great.

Ronald Hemenway from San Diego wrote
Date: 28.10.2015

Great Music
Keep up the good work :)

Jaeson William Boyce from America wrote
Date: 16.08.2015

Cette Planete
Hello Naoki; I love you music. Soulful and restful and mesmorizing. Are song ideas acepted by you from your fans? You are truly a gifted musicia. Thank you and continued success, Jaeson ... from the Atlanta area[U.S.A.]

Tomislav from Zagreb, Croatia wrote
Date: 06.08.2015

I listen to your music for many years now on..
Beautiful and inspiring music !

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